Fun Toys For Kids – How Choosing The Right Ones Will Increase Imagination

There are so many options for parents today that the toy market can be overwhelming. When searching for fun toys for kids, parents are forced to look through a variety of different types of toys – from electronic tablet computers designed for toddlers, to television character toys that resemble their favorite TV programs. As a parent, the important things to consider are not all toys are created equal, and it is important to choose the right toys for your children and those that are appropriate for their ages. The best learning toys give your children a chance to have fun while being creative and imaginative at the same time. The toys you allow them to play with should be hands-on, played with other children or by themselves, and help them develop their motor skills and critical thinking skills.

When looking to choose the best toys, there are several tips parents can follow.

1. Focus on pretend play. To help them develop their own sense of creativity and imagination, pretend play toys are fun kids toys that all children enjoy. The best pretend play toys use props that are similar to objects adults use in real life. Parents should consider purchasing pretend tools sets, play kitchens, cars and other pretend play toys.

2. Purchase several exploration toys. Exploration toys are a great way children utilize toys in order to develop their own sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. We all learn best through our senses, so these toys are a great way to promote self discovery. Examples of good exploration toys include sand and water tables and art exploration boxes.

3. Encourage active play. Kids like to be on the move. This is one thing every parent learns quickly and all agree with. When looking through rows or pages of educational toys and games, consider choosing active play toys that allow them to be mobile. As you shop, consider what would be the best active play for the age your child is now, as toddlers may be too young for wheels or pedals, shopping for walkers or wagons may be more appropriate.

When browsing the shelves of your local toy store, or searching online for fun toys for kids, remember that not all toys are made for educational and developmental purposes. By choosing the perfect toy for your children, they will not only have a great time during play periods but also will begin to develop her own sense of creativity and imagination. This is so important as they continue to grow up – it will give them the opportunity to truly enjoy childhood while providing a great foundation for the rest of their lives.

Providing toys for kids that encourage them to be active and creative is what Little Tikes offers in children’s toys. Gretchin Hammill like to read through the details provided for educational toys and games and always shops for learning toys online claiming it to be the most efficient and thorough method.

Age Appropriate Toys for 1 Year Olds

The best age appropriate toys for 1 year olds are sensory-based, open-ended, non-electronic-media, and require your participation as teacher. Electronic, media-based toys can be over stimulating and may be counterproductive. They cannot “read” or “sense” your child’s real-time needs, and many are designed to do much of the “thinking” for children. Such toys often rob young minds of important intellectual, social and emotional development. Increasingly, pediatric research shows children under 3 years old should have limited exposure to electronic media.

Fundamentally, toys can have great educational value, but without your guidance – particularly in the early years – much learning potential is lost. The best toys invite child and parent to discover the play and learning value together. Your toddler will only get as much out of it as you put into it. As you can imagine, 1 year olds require a bit of hand holding. Enjoy it! In a little over a decade, your little one may prefer the company of friends over parents. Sigh.

Toys For Sensory Development

One year olds need to be stimulated through the five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) to increase awareness of the wondrous world around her. Through these senses, she will organize information and begin the process of recognition, differentiation (short vs. tall, quite vs. loud, smooth vs. rough, cold vs. hot, etc.), and problem-solving.

Toys like sensory blocks that have varying textures, sizes, colors, weights, and gentle sounds are ideal. They offer lots of learning play opportunities: sensory development, building, problem solving. Since your toddler will be “clumsy” at first, model stacking or sorting with a few pieces at a time, then guide his hands to do the same. He’ll knock them down and be delighted. Be delighted back. His learning cause and effect (if this happens, that happens next), which is fundamental to reasoning and problem-solving later on. His also learning spatial awareness (body position in relation to other objects), and strengthening fine-motor and hand-eye coordination skills

In the world of sensory toys, you will find a wide array of ones made of plastic and a few made of natural materials. Preferably, choose toys that are made of natural materials like sustainable woods and water-based colors. They offer your child a natural experience (weight, sound, scent, texture). If you do choose plastic toys, be sure to choose ones free of plastic compounds (BPA, phthalates, PVC) that may interfere with your toddler’s natural hormonal or brain development.

Toys for Fine & Gross Motor Development

Physically, your child is discovering command over her body parts (fingers, hands, arms, legs, head, etc.). She will be uncoordinated, but thrilled at her attempts. Build her confidence and a foundation for learning by helping her develop gross motor skills (large muscle and body control and coordination movements like head control, crawling, sitting, standing, walking, etc.). Try pull and push toys, walkers with speed control, rocking horses, and rolling toys (like cars, trucks, balls). Such toys encourage movement, helping your child develop muscle tone, body control, and spatial awareness.

By strengthening gross motor skills, your 1 year old will be able to refine fine motor skills (small, precise muscle movements, usually in coordination with the eyes, ears, and other sensory aids) as well. Such skills are important to a host of activities (eating, writing, buttoning, zipping, tying shoe laces, manipulating tools, etc.). Ideal toys are shape sorters, stackers, single-piece knob puzzles, musical toys (drum, 5-key xylophones), and simple pounding toys.

The Most Important Factor

In the end, toys do teach – but not optimally without parental or adult guidance. The important thing to consider is to build your child’s skills according to their developmental needs with you as guide. You will be able to tell if your toddler is responding well. He’ll want to do it over and over again! If it is too difficult, she’ll let you know by showing you her frustration or lack of general interest. If that happens, put the toy away for a month or more, and then introduce it again. She’ll let you know when she’s ready!

About Outdoor Water Toys

Don’t you love summer? It is the most exciting time to go outside the house, splash some water and have great fun with your family. Whether you are an adult or little kid, almost everyone loves playing with outdoor water toys, especially in the hot summer.

There are many and different type of toys available in store. The most popular among the kids are water guns, pool toys, water sprinklers and some other fun little stuff. If mums and dads have a little bit more of budget, having your own water park at the backyard would be the coolest thing on earth! A big water slide is the absolute key to fun during the summertime.

Outdoor water toys are meant for the whole family. They are not restricted to toddlers and kids only. They are your small investment for great joy. Your kids will fully enjoy themselves with these easy to use and fun to play stuffs. Not only that, you and your family will enjoy quality time together, breathing the fresh air during the summer and exercise in the same time.

Most of the outdoor water toys are easy to setup, for example like inflatable slides. Generally the slides will come with a blower. What you need to do is just simply blow it up and it will inflate the slide within few minutes. Follow by adding water into it and that’s it. The fun begins now, at your own backyard water park.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to become a kid again? Grab some water guns and start the action with your kids. It doesn’t cost you much effort or money to have some quality time with your family. All you need is simply get some outdoor water toys and you are all set for great excitement in summertime.

Have fun!

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Cool Off This Summer With Great Outdoor Water Toys and Swimming Pool Toys

Kids get restless during summer and may find it difficult to stay indoors all day long. Cool off your kids with great outdoor water toys! Whether you have your own swimming pool at home or are planning to go to nearby lake or beach, carry the right pool toys with you.

You can go with plenty of fun water games to engage your kids in fun-filled activities in and under water for hours. If you like to conduct games in water, the Swimming Pool Game Flip the Frog with Lily Pads is the ultimate choice that gives great fun. Next comes the underwater boomerang and the Water Bouncer that is available in round, crazy square, and Froggy shapes. Some more games such as splashy dashers, Subbies, dive rings, and much more are also gives you the best time in water

A number of Mindwalk toys like Mermaid Bath, Squiddy Splashy Dashers, Dive N Rise Mini Shark Set, are some more suggestion which will engage you and your little ones. These Subbies, splashy dashers, torpedoes, and bathtub also make exciting backyard playing. Other backyard water toys include underwater boomerang, Splashy Dashers Mother & Baby Assortment Penguin, Seal, Clownfish, Dolphin, and much more.

Swimming pool floating are fun and safe for even for babies. Swimming pool floating like Little Blue Whale Pool Float for Baby and Cool Sea Turtle Swimming Raft Boat for Kids are great picks for babies. For kids and adults, you can get pool games like volley ball sets, basket ball sets, and much more.

No doubt, your kids will have super fun with these superb games.